Instagram Puzzle Pattern Grid Download - Magenta, Purple, Blue

Instagram Puzzle Grid - instant download - to make your Instagram look incredible!


Visuals on the Go for iPhone

Visuals on the Go (iPhone) is a mini course showcasing the best simple apps that can help you create - yup you've guessed it - visuals on the go - in a heartbeat!


Create in Canva with Confidence

Learn how to use Canva in a week with Confidence. It's clear, concise & easy to follow. Getting you quick results, keep you engaged & excited about developing your design skills for months to come.


Beginners Masterclass in Canva

This is a COMPLETE BEGINNERS course to Canva. I am going to unleash and show you the power that is Canva - using just the FREE version - this mini masterclass is full of insider tips and tricks.


Beautiful Brand Bootcamp - Homestudy

Struggling to design a brand for your business? No budget to work with a Graphic Designer? Beautiful Brand Bootcamp is a online course that will transform you from design dunce to design diva!


Tailored & Timeless Branding Package

The perfect package for the savvy business owner – looking to revitalise your current brand or create the right first impression as a new business startup.