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  • Are you struggling to design a brand for your business?
  • Are you stressed out because you don't have the budget to work with a Graphic Designer?
  • Do you waste hours on Canva and feel like your DIY design still looks a bit naff?
  • Would you like to save hours and hours of your valuable time and have the skills to pull your visual content together quickly?

Thought so.

Well I have got great news for you...


It's a design and branding course unlike any other and the only one you'll ever need to catapult your business from bland to beautiful.

Beautiful Brand Bootcamp is a comprehensive online course that will transform you from design dunce to design diva in easy-to-follow modules that you can work through at your own pace.

  • You drool over other people’s Facebook pages, wishing that your feed looked that appealing.
  • You spend hours procrastinating on Canva and Picmonkey trying to figure out how it all works
  • You've kissed a zillion frogs on Fiverr but you’re still at square one.
  • You haven't got a clue where to start with branding your business. In fact you’re confused about branding and what the heck it actually is!
  • Or worse… You think branding is all about logo (eek, so wrong!)
  • You’d love to learn more about design and branding, but all the advice out there is just plain confusing!
  • You don't know anything about fonts, colours or style
  • You haven't got a clue how to create and design your freebie gift ebook to start list building
  • You're fed up trawling hundreds of websites trying to find images to depict your brand
  • You're clueless about what Canva or Picmonkey can do for your brand
  • You don't know what the difference is between Canva and Picmonkey and which one you should be using
  • You don't know that there are hundreds of tools out there to help you brand your beautiful business
  • You want a magnetic and striking logo that stands out from the crowd and attracts your customers
  • You want a professional brand but don't have the money to invest in a pro…

Creating the right first impression, looking professional and captivating your customers is always going to be a challenge if you don't have the right guidance and support. Especially if your budget is limited or you're just starting up.

There's no other course out there like this one.

If you want to start attracting your ideal customers right now then Beautiful Brand Bootcamp is THE programme for you.

The tools, skills and shortcuts I’m going to show you will have you set up and looking like a total pro - and best of all your customers will feel safe in the knowledge that no matter where they find you, you look the same.

Now is the time for you to design your own great consistent professional profit driven brand - Your customers will think you’re the cat’s pyjamas!

  • You're a passionate entrepreneur and need to create a magnetic brand on a budget
  • You're a new business startup and you want to springboard your brand from the get go
  • You've been in business a while and love designing but want to learn more
  • You want to rebrand your business as you've fallen out of love with your brand
  • You've tried the DIY route before but it's just not worked for you as you've got no support or guidance to make sure you’re doing the right thing by your brand
  • You want to sharpen your DIY design skills and need a better understanding of how to make your brand more consistent and cohesive

  • You want your business to make the right first impression, first time
  • You want to learn about branding and design and how the two go hand-in-hand
  • You want your brand to look professional and beautiful and represent YOU
  • You want a brand that attracts your customers
  • You want to look like a 'proper and open for business' business
  • And it’s DEFINITELY for you if…
  • You want to stop faffing and wasting time and instead focus your energy on growing your business whilst looking slick, confident and professional
  • You want to create a brand that radiates your passion and showcases your worth and expertise
  • You want to be a brand magnet and have customers falling over themselves to work with you
  • You want to set up templates to pull your visual content together quickly and with ease
  • You want brand guidelines to help you stay on brand, be consistent and look the same no matter where your customers find you

Sound like you? Then you need Beautiful Brand Bootcamp.

Beautiful Brand Bootcamp is a really practical, amazingly simple programme that walks you through the basics of branding and design without overloading your brain.

It will help you pull together your branding quickly, set up branding templates with ease (there’s even templates in the course to help you get started quickly).

It will show you how to design like a pro so you can inject professionalism across your brand, ensuring your look is consistent and professional.

  • I’ll be there holding your hand every step of the way
  • I’m going to help you decide what works best for you
  • I'm going to teach you all about branding - what it is and what it isn't
  • I’m going to teach you how to design even with no design skills
  • I’m going to share all my branding knowledge in an easy peasy way
  • I’m going to share design tips, tricks and advice
  • I’m going to show you some of the best tools available to you and how to use them
  • I’m going to give you easy to follow workbooks, guides and short walk through videos
  • I’m going to show you how to design magical memes
  • I’m going to show you how to design gorgeous ebooks
  • I’m going to show you how to create brilliant social media banners
  • I'm going to support you through your whole branding journey
  • Plus sooooooooooooo much more…

You’ll be able to watch, pause, do, come back, watch, pause, do, come back… you can watch again and again until it becomes second nature to you.

Imagine how that’s gonna feel – you might just fall in love with your brand all over again.

So are you ready to transform your brand, stand out from the crowd and shine like the true professional you are?

  • A brand that you adore. One that reflects you
  • A better understanding about branding and what it can do for your business
  • Moodboards and brand guidelines that will make pulling your visual branding together quick and simple
  • A unique logo to use across all of your on and offline platforms. Designed personally by YOU!
  • A massive folder of go-to templates and graphic elements and imagery
  • Hours of walk through videos for you to watch over and over again
  • Access to me throughout the working week to answer all your queries
  • Live Q & A sessions with me so I can help you with any struggle or design dramas you may have
  • A Facebook group full of awesome entrepreneurs
  • Lifetime access to any and all Beautiful Brand Bootcamp updates.

Over 11 modules... you'll learn...

  1. We’re gonna Boost Your Brand in the first module – it’s jargon free and non-confusing. You’ll learn what branding does and how it adds massive value to your business. Workbooks, videos and practical guides are included to help you discover the very essence of you and your brand and how to inject that into your visual branding.
  2. Visual Styling & Branding – we are going to look at how to visually style your brand and how to truly make your business vision come to life.
  3. Design Diva - In this module you’re going to become a design student. Think Karate Kid meets Mr Miyagi. You will learn the essentials of design and how you can apply this to your business. You’ll start to learn about mood boards, logo design, what file types to use where... there’s stacks in here.
  4. Be Inspired - where to get design inspiration from, how to find your creative mojo and how to use this in your visual branding and your business.
  5. Font Frenzy - You’ll learn how to find fonts, how to match fonts perfectly, where to find free and paid for fonts, how to find the fonts within your existing logo – it’s a font frenzy.
  6. Creative Colour – we are going to explore colour, how it has an impact on your business, what they mean and how to select colours that work in harmony together.
  7. Inspirational Imagery - where to find free images, where to get styled stock, stock photography do’s and don’ts, how to get the best out of your imagery and how to align photos to your content plus how to sort your image files and build a brilliant graphics library.
  8. Creative Canva - how to create with ease in Canva (paid for and free versions), tips, tricks and how to get the best out of Canva.
  9. Magic Microsoft – here you start to put into practice all that you’ve learnt about branding and design. You will learn how magical Microsoft is and how you can use it for your visual branding. You will learn the power of PowerPoint.
  10. Picture Perfect Picmonkey - learn how easy peasy Picmonkey can be.
  11. Practical Tools - You will learn how to batch your visual content, how to use the best apps on the market, how to make easy mock-ups for your branding which makes you look like a pro, how to use AdobeSpark and Design Bold, how to make a 3d icon mockup of your ebooks…. Plus so much more…

Plus there’s heaps of templates, workbooks, step-by-step videos and guides…

Get instant access to Beautiful Brand Bootcamp, plus the bonuses!

Bonus 1 - Yes there's EVEN MORE! You’ll receive a masterclass with the wonderful Naomi Gilmour of Branching Out Online, where she will show you how to get your website up and running. She’s gonna teach you how to grab your domain name, where to host it, how to get to grips with basic WordPress as well as…..

Bonus 2 - AND THERE’S EVEN MORE! Immerse yourself in a masterclass from the gorgeous award-winning copywriter, Kerry Brind from Write to Win Business. In her Write Your Site Lite masterclass She’s going to show you how to create epic content for your website that gets the attention and results you and your brand deserve. She’ll show you why content and branding are BFF and how your words will help you build your brand, your visibility, your authority and much much more.

Bonus 3 – The 3-Month Brand Review Challenge – Over 5 days you’ll review your brand from top to bottom and side to side in simple and easy steps. Sometimes we lose sight of our brand once we’ve built it, a 3-month brand review is just what you need if you’ve beavering away and forgotten to complete or review your content or visual branding.

Still need a few more reasons to sign up?


Not a problem! Check these out…

Vicki Nicolson
Vicki Nicolson
Branding Stylist

You'll get to work with me, Vicki Nicolson, a branding stylist for women in business

I have almost two decades of branding, design and marketing expertise.

I've worked with hundreds of on and offline businesses so I know a thing or two about social media, business start-ups, up-levelling your business, designing to capture the hearts of customers, creating the right look and feel for your business, colour psychology, branding your business with personality as well as the knowledge and expertise of hundreds of tools out there to help you build and design your beautiful brand.

Step by step, I'm going to help you design your Beautiful Brand - a brand that you adore and a brand that will spring board your business - all with you at the helm making the best decisions for your business.

You’ll get instant, lifetime access to a super supportive Facebook group of other inspiring entrepreneurs.

I’ll be on hand to offer help and support when you need it to get you over any creative blocks that you hit along the way.

Here’s what some of my wonderful Bootcampers have to say about the course…

"I am so happy to have discovered Beautiful Brand Bootcamp! The amount of content and information packed in to one course is a serious bargain!  The way Vicki delivers the course feels like a "one to one" and she does it in a way that makes sense and it all seem so straightforward. There is so much support from Vicki right from the beginning, and the Facebook group to go along with the Bootcamp is invaluable. I'm only a short way through the course but already I am looking at my brand in a whole new way, and my confidence has definitely received a huge boost from working through this with Vicki's support and encouragement. Not only is this course packed full of branding education, it also makes you think about your business in a whole new way. I have recently set up my own business and this course could not have come at a better time, I've learned so much already from Vicki's expertise.

I've done a few online courses and been left feeling a bit stung - Vicki's course is different: there is so much to learn, and she actually wants to teach it all! If you're on the fence about signing up, hop off on the "I'm in!" side, you absolutely won't regret it!" Kristina Smith

"I saw a post about Beautiful Brand Bootcamp pop up in my news feed and it couldn't have come at a better time for me.  Having just secured larger premises for my business I realised that it was time to rebrand and for my business to 'grow up'. I had long been a fan of Vicki's page and had wanted to work with Vicki for ages.  The idea of BBB really appealed to me as I'm very hands on in all aspects of my business so I loved the thought of  learning how to not only design my own logo but to build my brand and take the business to the next level.  I was worried that it might be too technical for me but I needn't have worried as Vicki explains everything in such a way that anyone could understand not just how to do things but why and that's really important to me.  Her videos come over in a warm and friendly way and I defy anyone not to be inspired by what she teaches.  Vicki really knows her stuff and she's not afraid to share her knowledge, going the extra mile to pop in additional videos into the Facebook group to help us when we get stuck on a particular task.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far and have learnt so much I couldn't even begin  to list the things I can now do - design wise - that I never thought I would be able to do and it has made me so aware of colour, fonts and styles of just about everything.  Thank you Vicki for a really marvelous course and I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to build their brand and for their business to grow." Sue McKenna, The Maldon Soap Company

"I’m so grateful to Vicki Nicolson for creating the Beautiful Brand Bootcamp, as it’s been a godsend for my business and is totally worth investing in. I’m still only a third of the way through, but am already finding it invaluable. The modules are easy to follow, packed with great information and totally demystify branding – with no techy speak! It’s not only a great branding course, it also helps clarify more about you and your business. I’ve already learnt so much – it’s a pleasure to use and implement. Thank you so much Vicki – both you and the Bootcamp are awesome." Sarah White

"Loving the course, so much information and it works on you on so many different levels not just branding it has changed how i dress organise my clothes books everything.  i see that my branding colours have always been a part of my life so it makes sense for them to be a part of my business life as they just make me happy, calm and energised. Thank you so much for all your hard work - I have recommended you to loads of people." Abigail Athaide, Connection Kitchen

"I am so pleased I decided to invest in Beautiful Brand Bootcamp. I ummed and ah'd for a bit as I am already signed up to a couple of online courses at the moment and was reluctant to take anything else on. I am so pleased I decided to go for it and have no regrets. Surprisingly this course has even helped me with the other ones I am doing as it's made realise understanding my brand is central to developing the business. I am only on Module 1 and have already had 'lightbulb moments'. Having seen the content that's already been released further down the line and being part of the Facebook group that accompanies this,  I know this is money well spent and highly recommend it to anyone considering joining  :0)." Gail Carman Macpro Design and Print Ltd.

"Vicki, I just wanted to say thanks for encouraging us to show up on our business pages and be ourselves. I am actually really enjoying it and getting way more engagement than ever before. It wasn't as scary as I thought either. 😀 Although not been brave enough to do a video yet, but I will give it a go soon. Xx" Karen Dyer, The Tranquility Tree

Branding is something that even the most successful entrepreneurs started out doing themselves in the beginning and that's how it's helped build their businesses. So what are you waiting for?

Any questions, you can contact me here: