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Vicki Nicolson
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Canva - The Walkarounds
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Are you sat looking at the marketing of other people and wish upon wish that your imagery could look even half as professional. 


You don't have to wish upon a star anymore because I'm going to give you the magic key to get your creative happy on in Canva. 

No more wasting stacks of time, no more results that you simply aren't happy with, no more design frustrations (and constipation) JUST GORGEOUS IMAGES, IN YOUR CONTROL, CREATED BY YOU. 

Now what's not to love about that?


You don't have to struggle with creating memes or spending 6 days making 3 memes that are "passable,"  you don't have to wait for a designer to do them for you - you'll have the power AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE BRUCIE BONUS TO THIS IS TOO - you are going to get more attention on your Social Media because your imagery will be right and will stop people in their tracks on the Social Media scroll AND you'll get more eyes on your products #winwin #nobrainer


This Canva course really is packed full of great tips and full of bonuses that will have you creating in Canva with Confidence. 

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Vicki  Nicolson
Vicki Nicolson
Branding Stylist

Hey, I'm Vicki Nicolson and I'm a branding stylist for women in business. 

I have almost two decades of branding, design and marketing expertise.

I've worked with hundreds of on and offline businesses so I know a thing or two about social media, business start-ups, up-levelling your business, designing to capture the hearts of customers, creating the right look and feel for your business, colour psychology, branding your business with personality as well as the knowledge and expertise of hundreds of tools out there to help you build and design your beautiful brand.