Vicki Nicolson

Perfect for you if: 

  • You are already a customer and have previously bought a full branding package 
  • You require new fresh designs for a new programme you’re launching 
  • Have an event coming up and you need pop up banners, promo material or merchandise 
  • Have a member site that requires new workbooks, graphics and webinars every month 
  • You want peace of mind knowing that you have paid for the work and you can tap into your hours when you need it most 
  • You are super busy and don’t have the time to create your designs

What’s Included… 

  • 10 hours of design at a discounted hourly rate – less than half price 
  • Lasts for 6 months – unlimited purchases 
  • New images, templates, email footers, social media templates, updated Facebook cover, Twitter cover, Pin template, ebook design, tweaks to what you already have 
  • New icons for an upcoming programme, you may also need workbooks, sales promotions and Facebook adverts designed for it too 
  • We’re not talking a full rebrand, but some freshening up of the products you already have in your brand from me.
  • Existing clients also get lifetime email support from me, so get in touch with your questions too! 
  • Access to me, my expertise and professional design work.

Pay in full or over 2 months. Payment options below.

For Existing Clients Only, £500 (for ten hours) 

Pay in full or over 2 months. Payment options below.


Vicki Nicolson
Vicki Nicolson
Branding Creative

Hey, I'm Vicki Nicolson,a brand creative for savvy entrepreneurs, I have over two decades of branding, design and marketing expertise.

I've worked with hundreds of on and offline businesses so I know a thing or two about social media, business start-ups, up-levelling your business, designing to capture the hearts of customers, creating the right look and feel for your business, colour psychology, branding your business with personality as well as the knowledge and expertise of hundreds of tools out there to help you build and design your beautiful brand. Osh - that’s some list of skills!

Any questions, you can contact me here: